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GDSO Group is legally registered in the European Union and is widely known and respected for our tactical courses. Our team of instructors have carefully developed each course to meet the skill level of the student and ensure that students leave the course with increased skills, knowledge and confidence behind the respective weapon system. We have trained Special Operations Members from various countries to include: Spain, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany and the United States. We have established training partners all throughout the country in locations including (but not limited to): Sofia, Dupnica, Burgas, Plovidv, Gabrovo and Varna. Can’t come to Bulgaria? As long as you are in a country that allows firearms training beyond the firing line, we can bring our courses to you.

What makes GDSO different than other providers in the region?
Our Instructors are U.S. Military Veterans with a wide range of experience in recent Combat Environments. Our courses do not focus on high round count, standardized shooting drills or ‘theoretical’ scenarios. Instead, we focus on the practicality of training and how it crosses over into the students careers. Since we’re in the business that can result in life or death, we take this seriously and address each course passionately. We don’t encourage unsafe training environments – so leave your jokes and playful mood at home. When you’re training with GDSO, you’re here to put in work.

Tiered Training Levels:
The tiered training levels (1-4) were developed to build off of each other. It’s important to understand the basics prior to moving on to the advanced techniques and weapon manipulations. We generally have a short call with our students prior to training to assess their skill level and determine whether they will need to start from our Level 1 course or if the student is capability of operating at a higher level. This ensures that the student is not overwhelmed by the practical application skills that we introduce – which ultimately increases the safety of both the students and instructors.


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    About The Course: The Introduction to Firearms course was created to help establish awareness of weapon safety and operation within the community. We live in a world where danger may lurk around the corner and...

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    About The Course: The Basic Firearms course was created to help students who've successfully completed the Introduction Course - gain extended knowledge on Handgun or Carbine Weapon Systems. Although handguns present a better opportunity for...

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    About The Course: The Dynamic Firearms Movements was created to expand on different types of movements while operating a pistol and a carbine. This is an advanced course will cover advanced fundamentals of carbine (M4/M16)...



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