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New Partner: Black Ops Coffee

We are proud to announce that GDSO has partnered with Black Ops Coffee! We have ALWAYS believed in working with professionals who share the same mindset, proven experience and passions we do and what better way to start the day on the range than having some coffee during a safety brief? Black Ops Coffee is particularly interesting to us as the pay attention to what the END USER wants! The customer is always at the focus and their team of current/former Special Operations Forces members make sure that their customers know that. We have already added a few of their products to our shop with the intention of growing the Black Ops Coffee Brand in Bulgaria, where the tactical market lacks innovative and creative coffee. We look forward to working together with Black Ops Coffee to deliver training, gear, and share knowledge for the foreseeable future! Visit our store and order some coffee today!



is a company founded by ex-military special forces personnel who, after their service, do everything they can to promote and support the community of everyday heroes. Be it before duty with good coffee, which makes all tired spirits disappear, during duty with the right equipment and refreshment in between, or after duty at joint events and further training.


of Black Ops Coffee is a familiary association of comrades who want to create a community with a high standard of quality of their goods and everything that goes with it. We are deeply convinced that together you can do anything as long as you join forces and pull together.

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