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Level III Firearms

Course Description:

Our Advanced Firearms Training Course is designed for individuals with substantial experience who want to refine their skills and knowledge to an expert level. Participants will undertake intensive training exercises, under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced instructors, to develop proficiency in advanced firearm handling, tactical decision making, and precision shooting.

Course Content:

  1. Advanced Firearm Safety: This part of the course will cover comprehensive safety measures in complex scenarios including multiple threat engagements, low light conditions, and handling firearm malfunctions under stress.
  2. Tactical Shooting Techniques: Participants will be taught high-level shooting techniques including multiple target engagement, shooting from unconventional positions, and one-handed shooting drills for both dominant and non-dominant hands.
  3. Precision Shooting: This section focuses on developing the skills for mid-range precision shooting, learning to estimate distance, understanding environmental factors, and using optical sights effectively.
  4. Tactical Decision Making: The course will offer scenario-based training that mimics real-world situations. This is designed to test and improve decision making, threat recognition, and response times under high-stress situations.
  5. Advanced Weapon Maintenance: Participants will learn in-depth firearm maintenance techniques, with a focus on diagnosing and resolving complex mechanical issues.
  6. Range Time: The course will include significant time on the range, allowing participants to put their learning into practice through a variety of challenging shooting exercises and drills.

Course Outcome:

Upon completion of the Advanced Firearms Training Course, participants will have gained expert-level knowledge and skills in firearm handling, safety, and shooting techniques. They will be equipped to handle complex real-world scenarios with confidence and precision.

Course Duration:

This is a full-day course, typically running from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with a break for refreshments and lunch.

Please Note: This course requires pre-registration. Participants must meet certain eligibility requirements, including age restrictions, as mandated by local laws. Intermediate experience with firearms is a requirement. Failure to display weapon safety will result in the termination of the course with no refund.