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Basic Lifesaver Course

Regardless of your profession, it is essential that you have the medical knowledge to complete your total skill set. Our instructors will make sure you’re ready to respond, whether it’s to a domestic accident, the fallout from an active shooter situation, a bombing, or any other type of casualty event.

* This class is not for those who are sensitive to disturbing videos and imagery.

You will learn:

  • Situational treatment strategies and phases of care.
  • Medical protocols
  • Injury Assessment using the MARCH algorithm:
    • Massive hemorrhaging
    • Airway
    • Respiration
    • Circulation
  • Head Injury / Hypothermia
  • Proper application of tourniquets.
  • Wound packing and recommendations for trauma kits

* This is a basic course. No invasive interventions are taught in this class, such as:

  • Needle thoracostomy
  • Cricothyroidotomy

Course duration: 

  • 4 Hours (Classroom Based)

Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a certificate which proves their demonstrated capabilities in lifesaving skills.