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Team Tactics

Package Description:

The Team Tactics package offered by GDSO Group is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required for effective small unit tactics, drawing inspiration from the US Marine Corps Combat Operations. In a dynamic and immersive learning environment, students will master the art of communication, patrolling, ambushing, and countering ambushes, while adhering to the highest combat standards. This packge includes training for 20 players and is limited to VIPER 7 participants only 

Course Highlights:

  1. Communication Mastery: Students will learn the intricacies of effective communication through radio protocols, enabling seamless interaction within a unit. Additionally, participants will become proficient in using hand and arm signals, a non-verbal means of communication critical for maintaining stealth and situational awareness.
  2. Patrol Techniques: The course will delve into the intricacies of conducting successful patrols, covering topics such as route planning, formation techniques, and movement in different terrains. Emphasis will be placed on maintaining security, minimizing visibility, and optimizing unit cohesion.
  3. Ambush Strategies: Participants will explore the art of setting up ambushes, understanding ambush principles, positioning, and timing for maximum impact. Students will learn to exploit terrain features and effectively engage targets, all while maintaining the element of surprise.
  4. Counter-Ambush Tactics: Building on ambush principles, the course will equip students with the skills needed to anticipate and counter potential ambushes. This includes recognizing signs of an imminent ambush, reacting swiftly, and employing effective tactics to regain control of the situation.
  5. Reconnaissance Techniques: An essential aspect of tactical operations, reconnaissance skills will be taught, covering reconnaissance planning, execution, and reporting. Students will develop the ability to gather critical intelligence while remaining covert.
  6. Team Leaders Course: Participants will learn the BAMCIS algorithm (Begin the Planning, Arrange Reconnaissance, Make Reconnaissance, Complete the Planning, Issue Orders, and Supervise) to effectively issue orders that guide tactical operations. This structured approach ensures clear and concise communication of objectives and expectations.

By the end of the course, participants will have honed their ability to operate efficiently within a small unit, demonstrating mastery of communication, patrolling, ambush strategies, counter-ambush tactics, and reconnaissance techniques. GDSO Group’s experienced instructors will guide students through hands-on exercises, real-world scenarios, and comprehensive theoretical instruction, ensuring attendees are well-prepared to tackle tactical challenges with confidence and competence.


  • The course curriculum is inspired by the principles outlined in the US Marine Corps Combat School, adapted to suit the training objectives of GDSO Group for Viper 7 MILSIM Game.
  • Purchasing this course includes training up to 20 students (each student is expected to have their own Replica weapon and standard equipment)
  • The duration of this course is 6-8 hours.